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JAX-RS Specification

Java API for RESTful Services (JAX-RS)

Welcome to the JAX-RS project at This project is under the CDDL license. Here you'll find drafts of the API and specification along with mailing lists for communication with the expert group. For the latest API proposals please check the project wiki.

Additional background information and formal milestone releases of the next version of the specification and API can be found on the JCP JSR 370 page.


JAX-RS 2.1

JAX-RS 2.1 is underway as part of the Java EE 8 effort. Final release of 2.1 is scheduled for Q3 2017. For more information see JSR 370 Page.

JAX-RS 2.0

JAX-RS 2.0 is the latest major release of JAX-RS. The latest JAX-RS 2.0 Maintenance Release is available from the JSR 339 Page.

JAX-RS 1.1

JAX-RS 1.1 Final Release available as PDF (normative) and HTML (non normative). Corresponds to the 1.1 API. The 1.1 changelog describes the differences between 1.0 and 1.1.

JAX-RS 1.0

JAX-RS 1.0 Final Release available as PDF (normative) and HTML (non normative). Corresponds to 1.0 API.

JAX-RS 0.x

Older drafts and API documentation can be found on the API history page.

Feedback and Contributions

Feedback and contributions for JAX-RS API can be sent to JSR 370 user's mailing list. Subscribing to this list will also allow non-EG members to monitor the EG discussions. The source code repository for JAX-RS API project is available here.

Reference Implementation

The open source reference implementation is available from Project Jersey yellow jersey

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